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guysoft boosted and are back online, New shiny hard drive to replace the failed one. And a 3D printed green cyberpunk holder. With a place for future RAID has been upgraded to glitch 3.5.3+glitch

@Alamantus So I managed to fix Sorry it took forever. There was some schema issues in the db. it works now

@Alamantus Say, do you think we should scrub ?
I like it and all, but I think the mastodon instance is just too much for this, and I think it does not play well with SSL certifiactes with

cc @Paul if you have any idea why, also posting to my pleroma instance so you might catch it there

Made keto, vegan pistachio ice cream, and it tastes better than fancy ones I had outside!

re: gardening 

@Alamantus Should not get that knocked around, unless you placed it right on the top. Also you can compare how a pepper seed looks from a bell pepper and tomato seed from a tomato, they look different enough visually


Made a large pot of fish curry, out of 4 fresh gilt-head bream.
Pumpkin, kohlrabi, caramelized onion, mushrooms and spinach.
Also the "grate a zucchini and no one will notice" trick.

@Alamantus Thats kinda cheap for here. Its usually around 10-15 here.

Think I got my hot sauce recipe perfected.


1. As much bell peppers as you can get 1-4 kilos.
2. Hot pepers, depending on how much you want it hot. You can also use none and add a bit of vinegar
4. Salt


1. Roast bell peppers on 180C untill big patches of burning skin appear (better to overburn).
2. Let them cool down and refrigerate for easy peeling
3. Peel the skin off and remove stem and as much seeds as you can.
4. Put in a jar with brine with any hot peppers - brine is 3 tbsp per liter. Make sure to weigh down so the contents don't float up. Allow air for the contents to burp.
5. Ferment for between a week and two
6. When ready take out and strain and put in food processor
7. Cook to boil and add water to make it thinner.
8. Refrigerate, will develop more flavor after a night.

microwave mug cake 

I wonder if there is a way around the two tablespoons of sugar ad vegetable oil

Some fermented hot sauce. This time I roasted the peppers, then fermented it all together.

re: meat, tobacco, alcohol 

@Alamantus You could also see it as time to experiment - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


* one and a half part tequila
* one part triple sec
* 3/4 part lilme (not season used lemon)
* salt rim

Hey all, sorry for the downtime, our server had a meltdown. I tried over the two days to repair it to no avail, what I did for now is restore a backup copy from May 17th. So all the data is up do date since then

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More basics: beef shortribs, with red wine, preserved lemon, paprika, black pepper, garlic and mint

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