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Upgraded the stovetop smoker and smoked burgers with caramelized onions and shitake mushrooms on top.

The smoker has now a rounded grill and a deflector. I need to figure a way to drain the fat.

Made some thai basil pesto. From thai basil from my hydroponics.
Did not add sugar and chilli flakes.



Nachos. Friend gave us homemade sala, so we made cheese dip from cheese.

re: alcohol (margarita) 

@gnomon I've been pining for margaritas for a while, I got the Cointreau but not the tequilla. Anyone in particular you use?

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It’s finally nice enough to eat outside during the day, so here goes: spicy Sichuan “ma la” broth with pan-seared sirloin strips, scallion and lotus root. Served with white rice.


Stovetop smoker I built, and an emulsion sausage, cherry pellets. Came out smokey amd wonderful.
Internal heat up to 60.


More wok goodness.
butcher was nice to give a mix of Angus and some beef. Stir fried that, then string beans with bell pepper.

Beef has been marinated with little olive oil salt and pepper, basically its a mini steaks.


Really enjoining this carbon steel wok.
Can give food this smokey street food flavor.
In the photo, string beans, cabbage, bacon bitsx sous vide leftovers, bell peppers, broccoli and chill paste.
The meat is all smokey

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Mussels in Moroccan style. Added green chili for spice, but it’s optional. Like the best dishes, served with bread for sopping up the sauce


Sunday lunch from sous vide.
Beef neck clod and short ribbs.
together in Sous Vide at 60C for 48 hours. Served with salad, mustard homade hot source and pickles (not in picture)

Polish-Jewish-Japanese fusion
Hamantash filled with Ube. AFAIK world's first

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Another counterintuitive one. Xiaolongbao (小笼包) or “soup dumplings” are full of soup, but how did it get there? The answer is that the filling is actually a type of aspic, i.e., soup that is actually solid at room temperature, but liquid when steamed with the dumplings.

Evening ramen, Lunch ramen.
Its fun cooking for people again now that some of us are vaccinated

Hebenero from the hydroponics, going on to brine to ferment anf become hot garlic source

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Steak & rice 

I made chimichurri out of cilantro, it worked very well

Steak, chimichurri sauce, yellow rice with corn, pickled onions

@gnomon Why not corn tortillas? Asking because those are rare here and I always want to make them, but its just too much work for crab for me.

Lots of diffrent foods - HotPot 

Hot Pot at home!
So apparently because of corona the Asians stores stared to bring hotpot stuff here because people are staying at home. Which did not happen before on this scale. We met two of our vaccinated friends and made an amazing hopot.
I used the "Little Sheep Mushroom Soup Base" I managed to get in London around 2019. And used an instant pot as a hot pot. It worked pretty well. Played with the Sauté setting

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