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Some of the best dishes can seem counterintuitive at first. This is duck confit, prepared in duck fat at low temperature for six hours, then heated briefly in a frying pan to get the skin crispy. On the side: pomegranate reduction and homemade risotto

Everyone has “that one recipe” they’ll never live down. For me it was this fully-functional chess cake for my older son’s birthday. Prep. time: 90 minutes. Making the chess pieces using plastic molds was the easiest part of it.

Slightly dated, but one of my finer achievements: homemade mozzarella cheese. As with baking, cheesemaking requires quite a bit of precision, particularly with regard to temperature control.

A “Tunisian sandwich,” consisting of a baguette filled with tuna, hard-boiled egg, olives, harissa and potato, on the lawn outside a museum in Herzliya, Israel

Better than counting sheep: A machine churns out pita bread one by one in an alleyway in Jaffa

A plate of homemade 水煮牛肉, "water-boiled beef," a staple of Sichuan cuisine, before garnishing. The dish itself exists in multiple variants, notably with fish.

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